Well, this is sort of a trick question as the only real “hotel” is actually the Inn at Snowshoe and it’s typically the least expensive option to stay in the area.  The caveat is that it’s in the “area” meaning not on the mountain top, but rather at the base of the mountain, so not very convenient at all.  

So if that’s the only hotel, what the deal with all the different hotel looking places at the top of the mountain?  Well, each of these buildings contain many privately owned condominiums, most of which are rented out to vacationers either through Snowshoe directly or like Mountain Lodge 160, privately either directly by the owner or by another rental management company.  When you rent with Snowshoe, you typically pay more and you get the best room in the building that is available in their rental pool. They have a complex system that attempts to be fair to all owners by rotating preferences, but if you’re the last one in line to rent in the building, chances are it’s one of the condos that has not been updated since the mid 80’s when the place was built.  When you rent directly with one of the owners of the unit, you get exactly that unit and you know exactly what you’re going to get — not that “that photos are NOT representative of all units within Mountain Lodge. Individual unit decor may vary”.

Typically you’ll save money with renting directly from the property owner as well as we don’t have to pay Snowshoe 25% off the top of the rental for their help in answering your email or phone call.   We appreciate your business and hope that we can accommodate your next vacation.  We can also help you get in contact with other owners if you have a need for a larger unit or if we are already booked for your dates — specifically, we recommend visiting go2snowshoe.com for links to other owners with units in Mountain Lodge.