With biking and the whole summer season opening up May 22nd — I thought I’d pull up one of our videos from last year to show what great fun it is biking at Snowshoe.  This trail is called “Easy Street” and it heads down the basin side of the resort.  It’s a “green” trail, which means that it is one of the easier ones on the mountain.  The bike trails are marked just like the ski trails — green, blue, black, and double black.  Now the green trails are not just a flat trail around the village, they are still real downhill biking single track that will require you to have some basic safety equipment, a good full suspension bike (Snowshoe rents bikes too — unless you have a downhill bike — I’d recommend renting to get the full experience), and then just let gravity take over!   Easy Street is a great warm up trail or one that the entire family can loop all day long!


Easy Street from ben spong on Vimeo.