Snowshoe does not have an official webcam [update:  YET!  They announced on facebook tha they are working on some for this year!  Great News], although they’ve said they are looking at options for this year.  I’ve heard rumors that they don’t want them because the “live” feed doesn’t always match the actual conditions — not sure I buy that, but whatever.   There are a few webcams on the mountain that can be helpful to find out if its snowing or what the weather looks like.  None of these are “awesome” but I love checking them out as I get ready to head up!  Here are the ones I look at:

Operating on 10/23/12

Public webcam over at the Mountain Crest building –  LINK

Private webcam at Shamrock LINK

Not Currently Operating on 10/23/12 — but may be up later

Private webcam at Shamrock LINK   or   LINK

Commercial webcam over at Elk River Snowboard and Ski – Soaring Eagle Lodge LINK