— one of the best snow weather sites on the web has a mid-atlantic specific forecaster, Justin Berk, that has his thoughts on this weekend’s predicted “first storm of the season”.  Check out the site frequenlty for the Mid-Atlantic Daily Snow

The Canadian Model is my usually my choice with the best handle of cold air patterns. Plus I think it is on par with the famed European Model that many other hard core meteorologists tout, but I would rather stick with this.  Here you can see the output between Saturday and Sunday. I’ve adjusted for elevation and local biases to up Wisp to 1″+. While Snowshoe is in the 3″-6″ range, the resort is also at 4848′ and enhances almost everything on the way in. Sometimes I swear you an sneeze and it will produce 1″-3″ of snow.  This weekend, I would lean on the up side of things… so the summit could be in that 6″+.  Good times!  My winter outlook will be on the way shortly and the signals point to a good year.