This ski season, the Sunset Cantina re-opened in the restaurant space on the conference level of Mountain Lodge after Snowshoe moved Cheat Mountain Pizza into their old space last season.  We ate there over the holidays, and our review is mixed.  The food and value for money was pretty good.  There was also no wait to be seated – which was can be a huge benefit on a busy weekend!  However, I was disappointed in the very haphazard effort that Snowshoe put into the design of the restaurant.  Auntie Pasta’s and then Pastas used to be housed in this space, and the few trinkets of south of the border flair really didn’t transform the space from an Italian theme to a Mexican one.  Seating, lighting, and most of the furnishings were not fitting of the new theme and created an environment that was less enjoyable.

They had $2 Sangria specials, a generous portioned burrito, free chips, and I didn’t even have to put on a jacket to get there – so not all bad and I’d probably go back.  Just a little more effort could be made to make this a successful space that would benefit the entire mountain. 

Some signs in the village and good marketing would also go a long way to making the Cantina a great spot on the mountain. 

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