After a crummy week of rain that melted a lot of work that the snowmakers had built up,  a couple of good days shows the snow whales are looking good again and we’re excited for the season to get started!!  This picture from 9:00 AM from the Shavers Center webcam shows lots of additional coverage and a beautiful bluebird day.  Fingers crossed that we’ll be posting about the open ding day announcement any day now!  The reports from some internet discussion forums indicate that the snow held up better than they expected during the warm rains of last week and that even the work they’ve done on the Western Territory (Cupp Run) looked surprisingly good.  They put in a huge investment in new snowmaking guns over there with the expectation that it would open up at the same time as the main basin trails — a huge win if the mountain team can get the weather to cooperate!

Of course, if you’re still looking to get your trip planned, check out our calendar and contact me for any help you need setting up a short or long visit to the best in the region.