Intrawest Passport

A new pass has been developed by Intrawest that gives "families" great access to all of Intrawest's North American Resorts.   It's not Snowshoe's Ridiculous Pass, but it does offer some compelling benefits:

  • Children 12 and under ski free

  • Flexibility to define your “family” the way it works best for you. This can include extended family members, stepfamilies, non-traditional families and even good friends that are like family.

  • After the first primary adult pass is purchased, families can purchase up to 15 additional Passports, including:

    • Five additional discounted adult Passports for $399 each

    • Five Teen Passports for $199 each

    • Five children under 12 ski free passes

Take this deal to the extreme and a single parent can take 5 kids under 12 skiing six times each at some of the best resorts in the country!

This pass goes on sale on March 7th!  For more information check out


First Tracks App

Helly Hansen - the clothing and accessories brand developed an Iphone/Android alarm clock app called First Tracks that helps you "never miss the perfect ride".  The gist is that the application will wake you up earlier on the days in that the snow report has fresh powder -- giving you that extra time to get out and take those first tracks!  A simple, but ingenious idea -- you can download the FREE app from the apple App Store of from Google Play.


Official Snowshoe Webcams

Snowshoe finally got their act together and got an official webcam up on the mountain.  They have partnered with on the project and I think they've done a great job.  Link to the Live camera at Snowshoe's official Site

Over the past few years, Snowshoe had been constantly criticized for not having a camera, but now, I'd say it's probably one of the best set ups around.  Now it didn't all go smoothly, they have very limited bandwidth up there and when they turned the cameras on for the first time I guess it slammed the system.  They have one other camera down at the base of Ballhooter at the Lakehouse, but that one is turned off still (as of 2/158/13).  They did a bunch of work and finally got the Shaver's Center camera back up and going in such a manner that they are not using up all the bandwidth now.  We'll wait to see if they can get the other camera back up.

Where else would you like to see a camera?  Western Territory?  Silver Creek? Soaring Eagle?  From the example picture I captured this morning, it looks like it is going to be a great day on the slopes today.

Shaver's Center Camera

Boathouse Camera


How far do our guests travel to get to Snowshoe?

I thought it would be interesting to see where our guests at Mountain Lodge 160 all come from. So I plotted the city and states for each of our guests from the 2012-2013 ski season to check things out. From all the email communications, I knew that most of our guests were from out of town and staying on average 3 nights.  I expected a pretty wide distribution of visitors, however I didn't realize how just far many of our guests travel -- GA and AL are a long way away!  You can see a concentration of visitors from the greater DC Area - and another group in the northern part of NC.

There's a couple of weeks left of the season and new snow today to freshen up the powder from last week!  Get out there while you can.

Snowshoe Webcam Overview

Snowshoe does not have an official webcam [update:  YET!  They announced on facebook tha they are working on some for this year!  Great News], although they've said they are looking at options for this year.  I've heard rumors that they don't want them because the "live" feed doesn't always match the actual conditions -- not sure I buy that, but whatever.   There are a few webcams on the mountain that can be helpful to find out if its snowing or what the weather looks like.  None of these are "awesome" but I love checking them out as I get ready to head up!  Here are the ones I look at:

Operating on 10/23/12

Public webcam over at the Mountain Crest building -  LINK

Private webcam at Shamrock LINK

Not Currently Operating on 10/23/12 -- but may be up later

Private webcam at Shamrock LINK   or   LINK

Commercial webcam over at Elk River Snowboard and Ski - Soaring Eagle Lodge LINK 

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