OpenSnow Forecasts 6+ Inches of snow this weekend! -- one of the best snow weather sites on the web has a mid-atlantic specific forecaster, Justin Berk, that has his thoughts on this weekend's predicted "first storm of the season".  Check out the site frequenlty for the Mid-Atlantic Daily Snow

The Canadian Model is my usually my choice with the best handle of cold air patterns. Plus I think it is on par with the famed European Model that many other hard core meteorologists tout, but I would rather stick with this.  Here you can see the output between Saturday and Sunday. I've adjusted for elevation and local biases to up Wisp to 1"+. While Snowshoe is in the 3"-6" range, the resort is also at 4848' and enhances almost everything on the way in. Sometimes I swear you an sneeze and it will produce 1"-3" of snow.  This weekend, I would lean on the up side of things... so the summit could be in that 6"+.  Good times!  My winter outlook will be on the way shortly and the signals point to a good year.

Weekend Update

A last minute cancelation allowed us to head up to Snowshoe and do a little updating to the condo.  When we first bought the place in 2011, we changed almost everything.  We've slowly addressed those lingering things that have bugged us and this was the weekend to attack two of the biggest issues.  Paint in the bedroom and bathroom!  A lighter toned, modern hue of gray was selected and matched with bright white trim to refresh the decor and make it match much better with the rest of the unit.  We also found some great matching lamp shades, a four port USB charger, and replaced the remaining light switches to make everything feel fresh.  Check out how great the bedroom looks and get your bookings set now!  We've got just under a month until ski season starts!


Guns Out!

Season Transitions....

  Beautiful Fall Leaves -- picture found online
  Sunrise from Snowshoe Mountain Lodge 160 October 26th 2014

Snow Guns Prepped and Ready to start blowing snow

Ski Season Starts In One Month!   Wednesday November 26th!!


Dropkick Murphys - Celtic Punk Invasion Tour Coming to Snowshoe

The Dropkick Murphys are a celtic punk band originally from Massachusetts.  With a huge following and influences like the Ramones, The Clash, AC/DC and many others.   They'll be playing at Snowshoe on March 7th, 2015 -- Spring Break???

Here's a link to one of thier most popular songs.  

Full Press Release  

Dropkick Murphys announce their inaugural Celtic Punk Invasion Tour, hitting the US and Europe, including a pair of shows in Dublin on March 17, 2015 — marking the first time that the band will play Ireland on St Patrick’s Day. The band will perform two shows on St. Paddy’s Day, with early evening and late concerts at Dublin’s Vicar Street venue.  US fans can see the band on 14 dates, including five shows at Boston’s House Of Blues and three nights at NYC’s Irving Plaza.   A major announcement for US fans wishing to travel with the band for the St Patrick’s Day Shows in Dublin will be coming soon.

Read more ...

Afterglow...LED Skiing Movie

Check out this awesome video of some skiing in Alaska -- at night -- in light suits covered with 7000 LED's.  The footage (and setting) is pretty fantastic.  Wired Magazine did a write up on it that goes behind the scenes -- it looked like a pretty sketchy deal for the talent and the filmmakers.  FULL ARTICLE HERE

AFTERGLOW - Lightsuit Segment from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.

Electric Power Upgrade for Snowshoe

The Charleston Gazette is reporting that MonPower, the First Energy subsidiary that provides power for the mountain is upgrading a 47 mile transmission line in the county to improve reliability.  We hope this will make power outages on the mountain much less frequent and when they do happen, allow them to fix them fast.  When the power goes out on the mountain, it really shuts down the fun and often times even stops all the lifts.  Hopefully the new line will also make the lift power outages a thing of the past as well!  Read the full article here

New Pre-Purchase Lift Ticket Options to Save Money!

By now, most skiers know that only the suckers buy their lift tickets at the ticket window the day they are going to ski.  Most resorts price their tickets super high (as high as $89/day at Snowshoe) for these guests, but then discount tickets for guests that book early and take a little risk with their purchase.  The primary player in this game is a company called Liftopia.  They provide the systems that the majority of the resorts around the country use for selling tickets ahead of time.  

Liftopia, the biggest name in lift ticket sales has introduced a new way to buy tickets this year.  Based on your willingness to take some of the risk in your purchase, you can pay three different rates for your lift tickets.  Here are the three tickets that they will be selling:

  • Value lift tickets are what they have always sold. They’re date-specific, non-changeable and non-refundable. They offer the steepest savings, up to 85% off walk-up window rates when purchased in advance. They’re great if you know your exact ski or snowboard dates.
  • Value Plus lift tickets offer added flexibility for peace of mind if and when your travel plans change. They allow for a one-time date change during the season.
  • Flexible lift tickets offer the ultimate flexibility with unlimited date changes during the season.

As an example, Snowshoe has the following available for 12/17/2014 -- a two day lift ticket for $69.95 value, $79.56 Value Plus, or $84.56 Flexible. If I'm worried about the weather or the conditions, I might buy the flexible or value plus options, but if I know I'll be there and will be skiing regardless of the conditions (they are always perfect anyway right?) then I'll go with the best savings -- $35/day! Not bad. But then you and everyone else should have bought the ridiculous pass for the entire season and all of this is a moot point!

Of course if you do buy your tickets through Liftopia, please use our link!


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