New Main Room TV

4K ULTRA HD HDR SMART TV WITH BUILT-IN CHROMECAST - 49"  Experience amazing 4K Ultra HD HDR picture quality with JVC 49" Cast TV. Its 2160p resolution and 120Hz effective refresh rate provide brilliant picture quality and smooth motion for optimal viewing experience of your favorite sports, TV shows and movies.  With built-in Chromecast, easily access thousands of Chromecast-enabled apps on our mobile device and stream to your JVC TV.

Download full TV Manual Here



TV Class Size


Screen Size (Diag.)


Smart Platform

Chromecast Built-in


4k Ultra HD - 3840x2160

High Dynamic Range (HDR)


Effective Refresh Rate


Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi 802.11ac

Input / Output

USB: 1

HDMI:  3

Component:  1

Composite:  1

Digital Audio (Optical): 1

RCA Input:  1

Headphone Input:  1



  • NOVEMBER 21 | Official Opening Day (weather permitting) 
  • DECEMBER 1-2 | Demo Days
  • DECEMBER 9 | West Virginia Ski Free and Lesson
  • DECEMBER 14 | Silver Creek Opening Day (weather permitting)
  • DECEMBER 15 | Smith “Steezy Does It”  Rail Jam  Kick the rust off your gear for the throwback jam format focused on style! Presented by Smith & Mountaineer Parks.
  • DECEMBER 15 | Winter Brewfest 
  • DECEMBER 21 - JANUARY 1 | Holiday Celebrations  Here at 4,848 we have our own winter wonderland. Join us for holiday crafts, activities and a chance to meet Santa and friends on the slopes.
  • DECEMBER 31 | New Year’s Eve Parties  From the Village Plaza, Hoots Bar and Grill and the Connection Nightclub to Split Rock Pool, the Little Tikes Party (Kid’s World), 20 Below and the Big Top – there’s a party for every age and style during this annual mountaintop blow out.
  • JANUARY 4-6 | Burton Women’s Snowboard Camp
  • JANUARY 12- 13| Subaru Winterfest
  • JANUARY 12 -13|Burton Kid’s Snowboard Camp
  • JANUARY 12 | Progression Session
  • JANUARY 19-21 | Martin Luther King Weekend
  • JANUARY 25-27 | HEAD Women’s Ski Camp
  • FEBRUARY 2-3 |SARA (Southern Alpine Racing Association) U-14 This private race takes place on Widowmaker. SARA races create opportunities for alpine ski competition within the region of Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina for a  variety of ages and athletic abilities.
  • FEBRUARY 4| Cupp Run Challenge
  • FEBRUARY 20-21 | SWRA (South Eastern Winter Reps Association) Snowshoe has released their Winter Events Calendar  -- of course events are subject to change 
  • FEBRRUARY 22 | Winter Gala presented: by Snowshoe Foundation
  • FEBRUARY 23 -24| SARA (Southern Alpine Racing Association) U-16, U19, U21 & Masters- Championships  This private race takes place on Widowmaker. SARA races create opportunities for alpine ski competition within the region of Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina for a  variety of ages  and athletic abilities.
  • MARCH 2-3| Homegrown Music Festival A celebration of the region’s best musicians, artisans and local talent. Enjoy live music and unique games all across the mountain all weekend long.
  • MARCH 3 | Berming Man: Presented by Oakley MARCH 8-9 |Crescent Ski Council- Private Race
  • MARCH 15-17 | Ballhooter Spring Break Festival An unforgettable spring break, you’ll likely not remember. Free Village concerts, competitions, games & more.
  • MARCH 17 | West Virginia Ski Free Day We’re giving out free lift tickets to all residents of West Virginia! Yep, you heard us right. Just bring your proof of residency and get a ticket to ski and ride all weekend long.
  • MARCH 17 | Silver Creek Closing Day
  • MARCH 23 | Snowshoe Pond Skim  Welcome spring snow enthusiasts, skimmers new and old. Let’s make the most of what’s left of the snow in this hilariously challenging, just-for-fun, slush-spraying competition!
  • MARCH 23 | End of Season Pass Appreciation \
  • MARCH 24 | Snowshoe Closing Day  --  Yes, it’s a sad day, but come on out and mourn with us the best way we know how -- smiling, laughing and spraying snow!

Schedule Is Subject To Change

Summer Upgrades to Snowmaking!

More trails should be covered sooner than ever this season.  Snowshoe is putting in nearly $4 million of new investments in snowmaking this summer!


Press Release from Snowshoe Mountain (March 8, 2018)

Snowshoe Mountain has announced that it will be investing nearly $4M in upgrades to its snowmaking and grooming technology this summer. Resort officials anticipate that the investment will allow them to open significantly more of their ski trails by early December and maintain a high-quality snow surface throughout the ski season; all while greatly reducing the mountain’s  carbon footprint.

“This is the single most important investment our new owners, Alterra Mountain Company,could make in Snowshoe,” said Frank DeBerry, Snowshoe’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “As this past season demonstrates, Snowshoe’s unique microclimate and elevation provide us with the cold and snow we need to provide the best and most skiing and riding in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. This investment further boosts and protects our greatest strength, all while taking yet another step towards reducing our impact on the environment.”

Increased Efficiency and Sustainability

  • The re-tooled snowmaking system will cut the resort’s energy costs and consumption significantly, and return more than 5,000,000kwh back to the grid.
  • 5,000,000kwh is enough to power 500 homes for an entire year.

  New Snowguns and Automation Equipment

  • The investment includes over 160 new snowguns to be positioned in key, fixed locations around the mountain, as well as the equipment needed to further automate the snowmaking system.o 75 Fixed Position Tower Fan Guns
  • High Production/Low Energy DemacLenko Titan 2.0 will be utilized -- The most powerful snowgun currently on the market, capable of making massive amounts of snow in short windows of time.

 90 Low-Energy “Stick” Guns

  • Super energy-efficient SnowLogic DV7’s use less than 10% of the energy required of traditional snowmaking equipment.
  • Will allow the resort to maintain high-quality surface conditions with minimal energy usage.

Automation Hardware & Software

  • Further automating the mountain’s snowmaking system will increase efficiency, giving it the maximum amount of production time during even brief snowmaking opportunities.

Bring Your Tesla to Snowshoe

Just found out that you can charge your Tesla for free at Snowshoe.

We are proud to offer two official Tesla Super Charging Stations at no cost to our guests in our continuing effort to keep Snowshoe and the surrounding area “Forever Wild.” These charging stations are located next to our Administrative Parking section across from The Seneca.

Now Tesla just need to figure out how to deliver on all those orders they have!

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Mountain Bike Nationals at Snowshoe

This week the mountain bike national championship is being held at Snowshoe -- these athletes are really hitting the trials hard!  Some huge speed, jumps, and crashes.  If this looks a little above your biking skill level, don't worry!  There are all levels of trails at Snowshoe --  for beginners through pro -- plus they rent awesome bikes that are specifically made to flow over all sorts of obstacles.  Our favorite trail is Skyline in the Western Territory -- long, flowy, and lots of jumps that you can hit hard and get long flights, or if you're more timid you can roll over with much more control. 

 Here's some footage of day one of the Downhill.

Booking Options

Since purchasing our condo, we have typically used VRBO/Homeaway as our primary interface for reservations. Over the past few years lots has changed in the vacation rental marketplace and we've tried to keep up, try new things, and figure out the best balance between guest experience, our needs, and costs.  Using many of these systems provide a "peer review" of our place through guest and owner reviews and many offer some protections and guarantees that might help in case of serious issues.  Unfortunately, more often than not, these companies try to  hide behind their terms and conditions and fail to support either guest or owner when they can avoid it.  Here's my take on the different systems:

  • Airbnb  -- this is a big one in the media and there's lots of exposure, but we typically only get about 10% of our booking from here.  The system is very "walled", or they limit and control  many of the things we can do as well as things you can do as a guest.  Guests also must pay Airbnb a fee for booking through their system.  As the property owner, I'm charged fees for the credit card processing only.  
  • VRBO/Homeaway -- In the past I was just charged close to $1000/ year for their services on a subscription basis and a credit card fee on bookings. They were recently purchased by Expeida and for the past year or so institute a guest paid "service fee" for bookings.  My subscription fees went down to I think about $400/yr, but it does seem that VRBO is double dipping a bit as they get paid on both ends of the deal.  With the new service fees paid directly to VRBO/Homeaway/Expedia they are now walling off and filtering many of the communications and interactions during the booking process.  Both companies want you to pay first so they can ensure that they get their money, before they allow the owner and guest to freely communicate, share websites, and otherwise build the relationship.
  • All the others work similarly, but they don't have the exposure that brings in bookings so I don't currently use them much.  The more systems we use, the more effort it takes to sync calendars, ensure pricing is the same, and the more detailed workflows we need to be familiar with.  

Since you're reading this on my website I will say that the best way to book is to contact us directly -- I can book you in without any of the service charges and I can help answer questions and freely chat with you as you're making your decision of which property at Snowshoe will work best for your visit.  I will still manage our booking through the vrbo/homeaway platform -- so you will get emails through their system that provide the welcome letter and automatic reminders before and after your visit.  In my opinion this is the best scenario -- lower costs for you and higher value for me -- again hopefully a win win.



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